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Diabetes Chronicles 7 – Plus a helpful article about diabetes and not affording meds

First off I want to say, I don’t mind doing this research as it helps me and perhaps you if you have type 2 Diabetes. Just remember I am not a doctor and I cannot vouch for this information. It is just stuff I have learned either over the years or is even new to me.

People with Diabetes Are Skipping Their Medications to Save Money

Not just seniors have problems affording their diabetes medications. I am 61 and on disability with Medicare and I can’t afford my meds if I lose my extra help through the state. Right now they are paying 100% of my meds. My one insulin is over $3000 for 3 months and over $500 for one month of my long acting insulin. I lose my extra help and I will not be taking any meds and most likely will die earlier. That doesn’t include my other meds.

How is the typical senior or disabled younger person able to afford these meds unless they are on a low income with extra help. So many fall in between the cracks and they have to let the meds go so they can live.

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