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Housing woes!

My letter said they were doing interviews for a March 1 move in. No one in Public Housing answers the phones including their receptionist. March 30 after calling several days and leaving messages asking what was going on since I had been told that I had been approved and would be going to see the apartments and make a choice, I went to the office in person. The woman who interviewed me said they were remodeling the apartments and I would be called a few days in advance once they were ready to do the tour and see if I wanted to live there. I don’t have a choice really so what I think of them doesn’t matter.

She said all I can tell you is that you were approved, but I have no idea when. She told me to do light packing if I want.

I think the fact they don’t answer their phone is ridiculous and wastes more time if they have to come out to the reception area because people have to show up to talk to someone and they complain about interruptions. Answer your phone which takes, but a few minutes or at least return the calls if you don’t want people showing up at the office.

And don’t send out letters with move-in dates if you don’t have a definite date. My dad tells me just remember what country you live in, hmph!!

I feel as if they are playing games with me. Social Services is worse. They look down on the people it is their job to help. I don’t know if it is just the USA or other countries too.

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