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Tons of clothes, helping others

I have an over-abundance of clothes taking up room and of a variety of sizes. Always kept them just in case I gained or lost weight and needed them. It has finally come to my attention that I have not touched those boxes in many, many years.

Talking to my therapist she suggested that I use the clothes donation to bless others. I have been feeling unhelpful with my blog. So she suggests that I donate all those clothes and feel better about myself by helping others.

I agreed with her and my dad that I need to get rid of these clothes as losing weight doesn’t seem to be happening. I have been at this weight and size for years. He said if I do miraculously lose weight slowly buy a few things to create a new fitting wardrobe, but to be honest I doubt I will lose weight. The insulin increases weight and my body structure is that of my mom’s. I am shaped how she used to be while alive and there is genetics to contend with.

Might as well clear up a lot of space by getting rid of all of those clothes.

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