Slowly becoming home…

Slowly but surely I am getting things into place. I can’t move fast obviously and must take it slow in order to avoid the intense pain as much as possible.

Of course things must go wrong at some point. It is not possible for perfection. When I first get out of bed which is a real painful chore it takes an hour or more of movement so that the pain starts to dissipate. I manage a box or so a day unless I am out getting something or going to the drs. I could use less dr appointments.

I did finally read all the paperwork. So much to read. I got yelled at for asking the manager what to make the rent check out to. He told me it is in the large envelope of papers I signed.

One of my closets is the cat’s. One end is plastic tubs and the middle and other end is cat food, catbox, cat litter and a claw scratcher toy. I have a pretty large walk in  closet in my bedroom.

Tessa – advocate for mental health and invisible illnesses, also devout Christian

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11 thoughts on “Slowly becoming home…

  1. FLO

    So, how is the kitty coping with all the changes? Have you read all the papers from the big envelope yet? Understood everything? Bit by bit, you’ll get things set up the way you want them. I know it’s a lot of hard work but at the same time, it’s exciting. You’re starting a new stage in your life. Most people don’t get to make a fresh start but you do. I dreamed I was moving! Woke up and I’m still here. At least dh has decided to get rid of the boxes of paper in the basement. I think they are all mine but at this point I’m happy that he’s doing it. Maybe when he runs out of my stuff to go through he’ll give some thought to all the boxes of his stuff in the attic! See you on Sunday.

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  2. Suze

    Glad to see that things are getting unpacked and life is settling down a bit for you. That cat has it made…everything in one place will make it easier on your furbaby. So far as the guy in the office? let him know (politely of course) that you WILL be treated with respect from now on…one lapse was understandable but any further disrespect and he won’t be happy. Do NOT let him walk all over you. You deserve respect!


    1. Tessa Post author

      Things are settling down and my son now has the cat permanently. They are both happy. They bonded where the cat and I never did.



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