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So 2 weeks living alone and I injure my knee worse than ever, can’t stand on it

I am such a clutz. My knees have been acting weird and then one decides to pop out of place. Can’t put weight on it, have to struggle dragging a foot with the help of a woman and get in my car. Can’t drive. So now calling the family isn’t just a few minutes They are 30 minutes away and my dad gets lost so thankfully my son came with him to drive my car and find me using GPS.

I was at the library getting a membership and books on budgeting. Not my thing. I need help with that. Have to learn if I am going to make it with my own apartment.

So using my walker and the rollator (has wheels) and 1 footed hopping I am getting around. The only good thing the hospital did was send a referral to a home health care place to see if I qualify for home physical therapy. I told the hospital I was allergic to morphine and how the hospital had to intervene because of my reaction. Ten minutes late that idiot was giving me morphine. I could feel the side-effects starting and finally she turned it off. I was so pissed. It is the worst allergy I have. I also came out with a tremendous cold or allergies or something and it is getting worse. Nothing I have here helps. This hospital has a terrible reputation Wonder why? Hah!

Slowly moving in, but need help. My one daughter is great. I need her to find things especially now since I can’t climb my step stool or get around or lift.

I finally found some of my clothes.

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