So 2 weeks living alone and I injure my knee worse than ever, can’t stand on it

I am such a clutz. My knees have been acting weird and then one decides to pop out of place. Can’t put weight on it, have to struggle dragging a foot with the help of a woman and get in my car. Can’t drive. So now calling the family isn’t just a few minutes They are 30 minutes away and my dad gets lost so thankfully my son came with him to drive my car and find me using GPS.

I was at the library getting a membership and books on budgeting. Not my thing. I need help with that. Have to learn if I am going to make it with my own apartment.

So using my walker and the rollator (has wheels) and 1 footed hopping I am getting around. The only good thing the hospital did was send a referral to a home health care place to see if I qualify for home physical therapy. I told the hospital I was allergic to morphine and how the hospital had to intervene because of my reaction. Ten minutes late that idiot was giving me morphine. I could feel the side-effects starting and finally she turned it off. I was so pissed. It is the worst allergy I have. I also came out with a tremendous cold or allergies or something and it is getting worse. Nothing I have here helps. This hospital has a terrible reputation Wonder why? Hah!

Slowly moving in, but need help. My one daughter is great. I need her to find things especially now since I can’t climb my step stool or get around or lift.

I finally found some of my clothes.

Tessa – advocate for mental health and invisible illnesses, also devout Christian

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16 thoughts on “So 2 weeks living alone and I injure my knee worse than ever, can’t stand on it

  1. morgueticiaatoms

    So sorry to hear you’re having so much trouble getting around.

    I envy you on one thing, though. Perhaps the worst thing with our move is, this town is so small there is no library. To regain my access to the one in town, we each have to pay $60 a year for being non residents, even though it’s the same county. I am never going to have that to spare and losing access to reading materials really brings me down. I try to buy up whatever second hand books I can at thrift stores and yard sales, but it crimps reading what I want when I can’t afford access.

    Anway…congrats on the move, hope you start feeling better.

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    1. Tessa Post author

      Ahh Morgue so sorry . Not only is my card free, but it is for the whole county and a few libraries in libraries in counties in close proximity. I am starting to feel better and my apartment is beginning to look like a home thanks to my daughter. I have a selection of clothes to wear and she found my medications and stuff as well.

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    1. Tessa Post author

      Thanks Gerry. I have an idea that it is the commode that weakened the kneecaps. I am used to the higher one they have for people with arthritis and here I have a very low one and had trouble getting up and down. Now I use the handles to pull myself up and down gently. I am walking today without the walker. Not far mind you, but around the apartment.

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  2. DWPenner

    Hi Tessa! I just wanted you to know I’m praying for you, Crutches can sometimes help take all the weight off a bad knee. Last time I had knee problems and still had a car, it was my left knee. I figured out how to get into my car without bending my left leg. I survived. In my case it was uric acid crystals in the knee joint and there’s medicine for that — but it is horribly painful. (And I say that as a person who has had large kidney stones, colon cancer surgery, etc)
    Anyway, I hope you get help finding all you immediately need and find a way to prepare foods that don’t require much standing. I also hope there aren’t many stairs in your home.
    ~ Darell


    1. Tessa Post author

      Thank you Darell! They had me on a walker. It is feeling better after a few days.My family moved things around so I could reach them without climbing the stool. My cabinets are high and I am 4’11”. No steps, it is a senior home with elevators.At least I have the hand railings in the bathroom.



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