Things are getting bad on the internet.

WordPress just shut my accounts down due to suspicious activity and forced me to create a new password.

Just recently my Amazon account was hijacked (email and password changed), after I got it back someone went in and closed it. I also had an account set up with my name and email in the UK.

I had to use a new email without my full name in it and change the password to something really weird, but someone still might be able to crack it. I created a new account. They were going to reopen my old one again, but what’s the point. Someone or more than one person has been busy on my accounts. Please be careful people. I would hate to have to create a new email and resign-up for everything. A lot of us use our names in our email addresses.

I also in the last year, had my bank account debit card compromised. Luckily the transaction didn’t go through so I didn’t have to fight with Visa to get my money back.

It is scary how bad it is getting.

Tessa – advocate for mental health and invisible illnesses, also devout Christian

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21 thoughts on “Things are getting bad on the internet.

  1. morgueticiaatoms

    Well, the plus side for me is having putrid credit and multiple passwords for everything. Last time someone tried to hack me was 7 years and oh, poor morons, they charged up $450 on domain name registration and Newegg purchases but my card had like .37 on it. Ha ha ha, scammers should scam not broke people.
    I hope you get it all worked out. Just take heart that if it;s debit and the money ain’t there…those are gonna be some reallt bummed out thieves 😉

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    1. Tessa Post author

      I hate the hundreds of passwords and the constant changing of them and they still manage to hack through. Yeah my credit is really poor right now with the bankruptcy and the government sure doesn’t give you much to live on so who wants my identity.j

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  2. kindredspirit23

    This isn’t the Internet. These are people who have scammed people for a long time, but now can do it, mostly, from their home through computers. Most computers are fairly easy to be hacked, but you can deter them by using a password 12-20 characters long where you use at least 1 letter lower-cased, 1 letter upper-cased, 1 number, and 1 acceptable special character. Now, don’t make it your phone number or something like that. Ideally, it should have letters and characters on both sides of the keyboard and be a pretty random assortment of characters. Never reuse a password. And, when you do the secret questions, don’t use real answers, use ones that you will remember because they are ridiculous. “Where were you born?” Answer: elevator.

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  3. bethanyk

    It is ridiculous!!!
    I had my credit card compromised. So did my husband. And then my facebook got hacked. Very frustrating. I’m so sorry you are going through it.
    I wonder why your wp was taken down due to suspicious activity. What was suspicious, did they say?



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