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What are the treatment options for Fibromyalgia? Also my opinions on Bipolar Disorder.

What are the treatment options for Fibromyalgia?

Now some of these make work for some people, but in my experience most of us do not respond to any of these treatment suggestions. And the side effects can be worse than a cure.

I have been allergic to some, for example Savella, caused me a terrible rash. Not just hives, but a very nasty and sore rash on both arms when I finally stopped it and it went away.

Cymbalta did not help my Fibromyalgia, but at first worked on my Bipolar depression and then 8 months later I developed psychosis which seemed to be the Cymbalta. My Bipolar Disorder is another problem on its own. I am currently stable and have been for a year or more now. I take Remeron (anti-depressive) and Trilofon (an anti-psychotic). Anyone one taking just an anti-depressant who has Bipolar Disorder or who develops the symptoms should see their psychiatrist and check out taking an anti-psychotic with your anti-depressant because used alone someone with Bipolar will usually see an increase in manic cycles. This wasn’t known when I first was treated with medication for my Bipolar. Now I know why I had such extreme mania. Just remember everyone is different and I am not a doctor just a long time sufferer of Bipolar Disorder (started when I was just a little kid).

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