Why Fibromyalgia May Worsen Period Pain?

Why Fibromyalgia May Worsen Period Pain?

Back during this period of my life I had extremely painful periods and they were very heavy. Part of the problem was due to having Fibroids or on my uterus. They decided not to remove them so I lived with this problem most of my adult life. Thankfully I went into early menopause. It was so heavy I had to wear a super heavy tampon and 2 thick pads and change every few hours. No wonder I dragged myself around during this period of my life. I was losing a lot of blood, but the drs were not concerned, but it seems to me that blood loss that heavy would take a lot out of me. The cramps always affected my back too. To top it off I had pains in the middle of my cycle. I was told that was the egg dropping down. I gave up on OB/GYNs a long time ago. I do not get a checkup and internal exam anymore and haven’t for over 20 years. My daughters make sure they go regularly and that is good for them, but I got tired of the nonsense.

Yes I understand that they can find cancer earlier if you have regular checkups, but the way I figure it, if I am meant to die from it, no amount of constant checkups would matter. I believe that my life is already mapped out by God and when my time is up, I will go and not before. Besides I am tired of going for all these checkups and something weird showing up and they get me all upset that I might have cancer and it is nothing. Biopsies are painful, especially when the anesthesia they give you doesn’t work. I will take my chances.


Tessa – advocate for mental health and invisible illnesses, also devout Christian

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