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Word Press Happiness Engineers have finally made me happy

Finally they have have gotten things straightened out. I think anyway, time will tell.

The stress is really affecting me and I have no patience to begin with. My blood pressure has been very high. Dr increased my medication, but it took weeks for it to come down again. The last 2 days have been lower. My sister is taking her time off and is urging me to do the same. We can’t spend the rest of his life spending every day hovering over the hospital staff. She keeps reminding me to take some time for myself.

I didn’t go today and don’t plan on going to Friday. She will get him moved to a sub-acute rehab center Thursday before her vacation begins on Friday.

I played Bingo at my apartment complex. I won a game.

Tomorrow there is a meeting at the complex about the fact that they plan on trying to turn all the public housing senior centers into HUD (Housing and Urban Development) properties instead. Still not sure how this will affect me and my benefits provided currently by Housing Authority. We might be moved, displaced or remain here. Rents may or may not be raised. That is a grave concern for all of us barely squeaking by on our measly government checks. Mine is disability and some are regular social security and others are simply working at low-paying jobs or whatever.

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Doing Housework With Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Doing Housework With Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

One of my biggest problems with housework comes with changing the bed and vacuuming. Changing the bed will put me down in that very same bed for the rest of the day after the enormous amount of time it takes me to change it. I used to change my bed every week. Not anymore. I love a freshly changed bed, but I can’t take it.


WordPress’s Happiness Engineers are not making me HAPPY!

I have been trying to get things straightened out for quite a while and it isn’t working. I am paying for 2 domains and not only were they both pointing to this blog I have been going back and forth with them about the fact that I paid for 2 domains and expect my blogs to point to them. I did finally get the other blog redirected to the right blog, but even after paying early for the domain it is still not pointing to “”. This is pure nonsense. Soon I will be telling them to take a flying leap and refund my money. I don’t have the time nor the inclination to deal with this at this point in my life. I also don’t have the money to be wasting on a Non-Domain blog that isn’t working.

Tessa <who is really annoyed right now>