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A Day At Radiology

Most people go to radiology with just one test in mind. Maybe a mammogram or an MRI. I decided since I hated them both that I would just take one day and schedule them both.

It was time for my routine yearly mammogram. I hate to have them done as something always goes wrong. Whether it is how the technician does it (today she slammed my jaw and chin in the machine. I am yelling and she came running to see what happened. I couldn’t move the machine off of the area and it really hurt.

Mammo’s are painful for me because of the Fibromyalgia. I told her about it and asked that she only tighten the plates the minimum she needed to take the test. Some technicians simple squeeze as hard as possible. She listened and at least a few of the tests weren’t so bad. Now I have to wait and see what they see on the pictures. Every other year or so I am told that they see something and I have to redo the mammo and add an ultrasound and in some cases they want a biopsy which was one of the worst tests I have had done. The anesthesia did not work and I was screaming bloody murder while being scolded about it because after all they gave me anesthesia. Bull! It didn’t work. I went from screaming to tears running down my face and I closed my eyes and tried to ignore it, but every time they touched me I jumped and yelled. The person in charge finally realized that I wasn’t looking at them, but was reacting to each touch. She said to me, “You REALLY are feeling that?” I have a have pain threshold after 40 or more years of chronic pain so you know this was bad. I gave birth to 3 children naturally and didn’t have this much pain. She stopped everything and went through the anesthesia again. It helped a little, but I just finally beared it and got it over with. I don’t want to hear the word biopsy on my breast again. AND there was nothing wrong just to add insult to injury.

Now the MRI is hard as I am incredibly claustrophobic. I took my anxiety medicine before it and since it was my lumbar spine I could go in legs first. Not as scary, plus I had a long ride, but I made the trip since this location had the shortest and the widest bore so i could handle the claustrophobia.

I had a few uncomfortable hours, but it is done and over with and no longer have to look forward to either one of the tests.


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