MRI – severe changes in spine in one year

They were to do just the lumbar spine, but for some reason they did both lumbar (lower) and thoracic (mid spine) and the results showed really bad changes. No wonder I am in such terrible pain.

Good news, no surgery yet. Bad news I have to have a series of 6 injections in the facet joints in one section and then the 2nd section. If this doesn’t help then they use radio waves in the nerves.

The girl scheduled me for more than 4 weeks and I said she wanted 2 to 3. The doctor happened to be standing there and since it was her day to work in the procedure room she could add another patient if she wanted, so I am scheduled for October 2.

Wish me luck!


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6 thoughts on “MRI – severe changes in spine in one year

  1. Flo

    At least there has been a diagnosis and a proposal for treatment. That is progress. Perhaps, this will make the pain stop. I can only pray that it will work and give you relief at last.

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  2. Susans Soul

    Good luck. I’m having a similar issues called spodilolisthesis. Not sure I spell it right but L5 and S1 are rubbing against each other irritating the nerve root and causing pain and weakness in my right leg. Had an epidural that didn’t work so I see the surgeon on the 17th. I can only walk with a walker about 20 ft and getting P T to make me stronger. I really hope you feel better.

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