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High rise alarm scary

I live on the 6th floor of a senior high rise. In the six months I have been here the fire alarm never went off but it went off building wide yesterday. I didn’t want an apartment on the higher levels as I am afraid of fire (absolute phobia) and it makes walking down the fire stairs hard and painful when you are disabled.

I got to the fire stairway with a neighbor. Just then the building supervisor came running down and said to just stay where we were. Thank God it was a false alarm. Someone burned their dinner and then opened their apartment to air it out, thus setting off the alarms. They are extremely loud. I am hard of hearing, but it was still super loud. No sleeping through that.

I hope that doesn’t happen again. If I wasn’t already partially deaf I would be after listening to that. I was on my way out anyhow and had to wait until they unlocked the elevator. They are immediately locked whether manually or automatic I do not know.

I may have to shut my windows today. If the wind is not blowing it usually doesn’t make a difference in here, but today the wind is blowing and it is cold since I climbed out of bed and from under the covers. I am also not warmly dressed.

My door quit locking the other day and I had to call the emergency weekend maintenance as I might live in a building with a locked coded entrance and guards, but I didn’t feel safe enough to sleep with it unlocked. I don’t trust the neighbors as I have been warned that we have a lot of thieves in here. The guard came up and worked on it til he figured out that it would lock if I lifted the door as I turned the lock. The next day maintenance came and fixed it.

Something is going on out in the hall way. I can hear lots of voices, but not what they are saying.

I have an ant infestation. Those little ones that look like dirt until they move. They are coming out of the drain. They LOVE the ant bait traps with poison. And they are not working.

Just closed the living room windows. The bedroom is still halfway open, but if it doesn’t warm up soon, will close that one too. Our temperature is less than 50 degrees Fahrenheit, but the wind makes it colder.


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