The Scammers Weren’t Lucky-God Will Provide

For one thing they caught me at the end of the month and so there was very little left in account and two I had considerably more than that in my secret hiding place that I keep for emergencies. Yes I miss it, but it would have been gone if my car broke down and I didn’t have enough here to cover it in my emergency stash.

My son was happy to see me taking it positively for a change and not moaning or groaning and beating myself up. Like I said the same thing would have happened if I had an emergency. Those people will get their payback as what goes around comes around.

I believe what I need will be provided by God if it comes to that. I am living on very little and even saving some so in a few months at the most I will have regained it back barring a real emergency.

Physically I am still suffering. The radio wave frequency procedure did not work. I am still in a lot of pain, plus for months now my spine has been moving and I am terrified that eventually I will need surgery. When it moves it sometimes cracks real loud and it also makes me feel paralyzed for several minutes. I worry that one day it is going to not go back in place and I will stay paralyzed for real. Still trying to get a hold of the dr. I have been speaking to underlings who can’t do much, but this last one is going to try and get my refill for narcotics prescription appointment changed to a regular one so I can talk to the dr, but even that is Wednesday. My appointment for a checkup for the procedure is the 19th. Going to the Emergency Room at this moment won’t help. There is nothing they can do unless it really does paralyze me.

40 years of adult chronic pain and all the pain I had as a child. It is time DEAR GOD for some relief, please, I pray to you.

If I become unable to take care of myself what does it leave but a nursing home for me. My kids can’t take me in. One could try, but he is planning on leaving the state and going down south. The other two have no room for me. I am sure they would do their best for me, but it is scary. And I don’t want to be any more of a burden than I already am.

I just gathered the trash and recycles and my rent check (plus I picked up my mail) and took it downstairs. Of course that has totally aggravated my back. I just took a pain pill not that they feel like they are working.

I have had to take a longer break from visiting dad since my sister is home. Getting in and out of the car hurts and is becoming harder and then there is a very long walk to the facility from the parking lot and then to his room. I was going once a week. Half the time he is blaming me for making the decision with my sister to put him in the long term care center once his rehab is done. He wants to go home and at times he is lucid and knows he isn’t making him mad at us although the other day he did make a statement to us that he thanks us for taking care of him. My brother has no real interest to help and isn’t around here anyhow. He lives down south and is broke so it is up to my sister and I to make sure he is taken care of. Which we gladly do as he is our father and we love him and he took care of us. Although when he is screaming at you for not letting him go home and drive his car it is hard not to explode. My sister told me if he does that just tell him you have to leave. He won’t remember it anyway. It is hard to see such a strong, proud man withering away.


Advocate for mental health and invisible illnesses, also a devout Christian

Author – (this blog contains my old work mostly although occasionally I do add something new here), new work is mainly on this blog

8 thoughts on “The Scammers Weren’t Lucky-God Will Provide

  1. Flo

    I guess I missed something. Someone stole money from you? Ouch! I know you can’t afford that! I’m sorry to hear that your back is still hurting. Maybe, fusing parts of it is a solution? I wish the pain meds would make the pain stop. Hang on, as best you can. It’s hard to go through all of this on your own. It doesn’t last forever. Stay strong. Keep getting up and accomplishing something, no matter how small, every day. Fake it til you make it. I’m here for you.


    1. Tessa Post author

      I was scammed. They spoofed their number to be social security’s number so it came up on my phone as a number that I put in there. Then told me that my social security number had been frozen and I was under suspicion for criminal deeds and needed a criminal lawyer. They did not get my info, just the little bit of money that was in my account. I am treating it as if I had an unexpected car repair. I did file a police report though.


  2. thelupiemomma

    It probably doesn’t make you feel better but I too had money stolen from me. TWO different people compromised my debit card through Amazon. Luckily it was only $35 combined and my bank is refunding me but still… it sucks especially this time of year. But I agree completely that karma will hit them.

    I am so sorry about your pain. I deal with fibromyalgia and some days it’s just unbearable. I hope you find relief soon!

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    1. Tessa Post author

      Thank you. Amazon is becoming a dangerous place. My account there was broken into twice and my id and password were changed and I couldn’t get into the account at all. At that point they still had a customer service phone number. On the third time all with new passwords after the account was hijacked the first 2 times I could no longer find a phone number. I gave up that account and used a new email and really hard password that I can’t remember. They have left it alone lately.

      Besides the Fibromyalgia, I have osteo-arthritis throughout my whole body and degenerative disc disease throughout my whole spine. Any of which on their own are painful, but combine all 3 and wham! Gentle hugs to you.

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      1. thelupiemomma

        It’s crazy. I’m just glad I was constantly checking my account or they might have gotten more! Amazon still has a number now thankfully. Longest hour of my life on the phone with them.

        Oh you poor thing I can’t begin to imagine how you feel, especially in this cold weather! Returning gentle hugs to you too

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