Chrome book vs a desktop computer

I have been struggling to blog with the chrome book. I don’t have as much freedom and still after 2 years struggling to use the chrome book. Last night I restarted using my desktop. I had Microsoft Office reinstalled and now I can download things and it is so much easier with a mouse. I don’t like my chrome book much and gathering I wouldn’t like a laptop much either.


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2 thoughts on “Chrome book vs a desktop computer

  1. morgueticiaatoms

    I like my laptop for blog posts, watching video, doing picture editing. But if I am wanting to play music or run it for any length of time, I prefer the old workshorse desktop computers. They don’t overheat so easily or fast and aren’t quite as delicate.
    One thing I haven’t really managed to fall in love with are tablets. If you use the thing for anything major, the battery drains in less than 2 hours and it took my years just to get used to a touch pad on the laptop let alone the touch screen tablets. My kid, on the other hand, has grown up on tablets because they use them in school and finds computers too troublesome.
    Guess we all have our own styles and what works best for us is all that matters.

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    1. Tessa Post author

      I couldn’t get used to the laptop feel of the chrome book. I am much happier with the desktop even if I can’t leave and move it around. I struggle with my phone as well. I have an iPhone and can’t handle the Androids and my new kindle is like the Androids and therefore I can’t figure it out either and nothing comes with instructions anymore.

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