Tripping over one’s own feet!

Last night I tripped and landed on my hands and knees on my concrete floor that is covered with a very thin carpet with no padding underneath. Once recovered from the shock of the fall I sat there in pain and not able to move at first. Eventually it started to become less painful, but I can’t get up off the floor without help. I was able to reach my walker and pulled it to me, but it wasn’t strong enough to pull up on so then I tried the heavy coffee table that was in the area, I drug myself over and then spent what felt like hours trying to pull myself up on the table. I finally felt myself get a grip and I pulled myself onto my terribly bruised knees and then pulled myself up trying not to let go. I made it eventually.

Now today I am in a  lot of pain and not just the knees from slamming into the floor, but the rest of my pain ridden body.


Advocate for mental health and invisible illnesses, also a devout Christian

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9 thoughts on “Tripping over one’s own feet!

  1. Flo

    So sorry to hear about the extra pain. I, too, can’t get up without something to pull up on. What a terrible addition to your other miseries! Have you ever tried Aspercreme with Lidocaine? It eases joint pain for me but right now it might help the battered knees!

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