Reena’s Exploration Challenge – 77

Reena’s Exploration Challenge – 77


Reena’s Rules:


There is no restriction on the format or the length of the piece. It just has to be your reflection on the prompt from the core.

Write a post on your blog, and link it up with here with a pingback, or copy-pasting the blog link in Comments.

I eagerly await your responses.

Woman – Her Journey


woman on her knees

man trying to rise above

she puts him in place



Advocate for mental health and invisible illnesses, also a devout Christian

Author – (this blog contains my old work mostly although occasionally I do add something new here), new work is mainly on this blog

7 thoughts on “Reena’s Exploration Challenge – 77

  1. morgueticiaatoms

    Speaks to me, too. Maybe because I’ve grown up in a malecentric world with traditional male/female roles forced on me so now I rail against them and am all about female empowerment.

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