The Weekly Smile 03/18/2019 #weeklysmile – cortizone injection

The Weekly Smile 03/18/2019 #weeklysmile – cortizone injection

This has been a terrible week and so I am having a hard time to find something to smile about. Today I had an injection in my hip for pain. Surprisingly the pain was minimal which is very unusual since I can only go local on anesthesia and can’t do sedation anymore due to the new ruling about body weight in these small medical procedure rooms. There is a minimal chance of a medical complication coming up (not that I ever had one in all the injections I had) so they are no longer able to do sedation over a certain (high) BMI. I would have to go to a surgical center or hospital surgery room for this  sedation and the cost is huge.

Therefore I was terrified of the usual pain despite the local anesthesia. However I remember a small stinging feeling, but they didn’t tell me they had started. By this point they told me they were almost done. I don’t know why it didn’t produce its normal amount of pain, but I was smiling when they said I was done and I could go, not my normal teary condition and occasional scream. Those suckers can hurt really bad.

The only problem now is my back, which has been a major problem for some time, is killing me today. I could barely get off the bed or walk across the room. i don’t know where this came from. I can’t imagine an injection in the hip would cause this.

Therefore I am writing and watching “Shark Tank” to bring a smile back to my face. Distraction is sometimes necessary to forget what is wrong in your world.


Advocate for mental health and invisible illnesses, also a devout Christian

Author – (this blog contains my old work mostly although occasionally I do add something new here), new work is mainly on this blog

Trent’s Rules

What made you smile?


Come on, I’m sure you smiled at least once last week.  Why don’t you share it?  I hope you can join in!

Here is list of “rules” and guiding ideas.  If you don’t have time to read it right now, just remember that this is an exercise to spread positivity.  Don’t smile about the misfortune of others.  Don’t smile in a way to excludes others.  Make sure a 12 year old can read it.

And remember, the Smile can be anything, large or small.  Nothing, nothing at all is too small for a Smile!  Sometimes taking time to notice those small, every day smiles is more important than those once in a lifetime huge ones 🙂

To join in, write a post to share your smile and then leave a comment on this post with a link to your smile.  Or, if you prefer, do a pingback to this post (pingback = have a link from your post to this one).   You can post any time until next Sunday evening (to be simple, I will say midnight GMT, which is 7 PM Sunday for me).   Next week I will compile all of the Smiles and do a separate post of them on Monday morning just before the smile.  (I will shoot for around 7 AM EST).

Try to use the hashtag #WeeklySmile when you use Twitter or other social media that uses hashtags. I searched Twitter and found that #weeklysmile had been used only a handful of times back in 2012 and 2013. It hasn’t been used since. So it’s ours! I also registered it on Twubs.

You can use the graphic at the top. It is the official graphic for the event.

Now go out there and find something to smile about! 🙂


“There are days I go in search of the kind, compassionate, loving and beautiful. Despite what we sometimes see on the news, FB and elsewhere, there is much more beauty in the world than ugliness, much more kindness than hate or cruelty. Perhaps we should all have a goal to make at least one person smile every day.”



Advocate for mental health and invisible illnesses, also a devout Christian

Author – (this blog contains my old work mostly although occasionally I do add something new here), new work is mainly on this blog

5 thoughts on “The Weekly Smile 03/18/2019 #weeklysmile – cortizone injection

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  2. dawnkinster

    Hesitant to push the ‘like’ button because I don’t like that you are in pain, but I DO like that you found something to smile about in the midst of a not so good week. I hope this new week finds you feeling better!

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