Revamping the other blog (where my writing used to go)

I have decided to revamp the blog where my creative writing is. I have a lot of stuff on there that I don’t feel is worthy of what I can do. I wrote a lot of prompt stuff and some of them were just plain silly or even bad so that they fit the prompts.

Some of the stuff I am rewriting  if I feel it is worth it and I am deleting the stuff not worth saving.

The blog is

I know some people are still following that blog and I am getting new followers still so it needs the work. Eventually I will flip over to this one and work on it as well. There is stuff from many years ago that don’t fit anymore and since all my writing work is going on here now instead I need to go through all that as well because there is a limit to the amount of space that can go on these blogs so might as well start cleaning it up so I don’t run out of space.


Advocate for mental health and invisible illnesses, also a devout Christian

Author – (this blog contains my old work mostly although occasionally I do add something new here), new work is mainly on this blog

6 thoughts on “Revamping the other blog (where my writing used to go)

    1. Tessa Post author

      You are asking me questions I can’t answer. I have a free account and somewhere in there I saw there was a limit. I can’t even tell you what it is. I will write until I can’t. But plenty needs to go. Some pieces just don’t please me.

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        1. Tessa Post author

          It is a lot of work and I don’t remember where I saw the limit. With all these free blogs out here they can’t have unlimited space. People start a blog or more and then abandon them. Wasted space, so limits for the free blogs make sense. I don’t remember what it was and I was looking for it. but couldn’t find it. I pay for a blog domain for mine, but not for the blog itself. Neither one of them. The domain name is expensive enough when you have two.

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