Today’s prompt: “Why is this so heavy?”


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Welcome to the new Story Starter Challenge!

Every day I will post a new sentence prompt. Use the provided sentence somewhere in your post. It can be a starting sentence, closing sentence, anything you choose. Read it and see where the sentence takes you.

Have Fun!


Moving Day

By Teresa Smeigh 2019

Michael reached for one of the boxes and placed it into the back of the truck. He continued loading the boxes that were left on the lawn. When he came out of the truck after lifting the last box he found another one sitting there. It was not there before he was sure.

He reaches for it to lift it up and mutters, “Why is this so heavy?”

He debates whether to look in the box or just load it. Curiosity wins out and he cuts the box open. “Oh no!” He pulls back in horror.

He finds the family’s dog in the box. Who would do such a thing?

He checks the dog and though he is still alive he isn’t in very good shape and barely moves or makes a sound. He whips out his cell phone and calls the vet. He gets his brother to grab the box and put it in the car while he continues to talk to the vet.

Hanging up from the vet he calls his wife to see if she knows anything about this. She questions their two young girls. It seems they thought he had to be boxed in order to go so they had struggled together to put him in a box and seal it and then dragged it out just before he finished loading. They were too young to understand the lack of air.

Having left the lid open on the drive to the vet helped the dog start to revive since he was getting air. Thank heavens they hadn’t waiting any longer to bring the box out.



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