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Today’s prompt: “Can I have a word with you?”


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Welcome to the new Story Starter Challenge!

Every day I will post a new sentence prompt. Use the provided sentence somewhere in your post. It can be a starting sentence, closing sentence, anything you choose. Read it and see where the sentence takes you.

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    Medication Changes

By Teresa Smeigh 2019 (non-fiction)

            “Can I have a word with you?” my supervisor asks abruptly, leading me into her office.

I eye her warily. I am having a rough week and haven’t been feeling well. My psychiatrist started me on a new medication, and something wasn’t right with it.

“I think you need to go home now and once there call your doctor as this behavior is not acceptable.”



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Sunday Photo Fiction – April 14, 2019

Sunday Photo Fiction – April 14, 2019

Photo Credit: Susan Spaulding



By Teresa Smeigh 2019

Milly was stressing out about the static on her radio. She wanted to hear the news and upcoming weather. The town’s big celebration was coming in a few days and she was afraid the rain would continue and ruin all her plans.

She tried the radio again. “What the…,” she wants to throw the radio across the room. She doesn’t have a TV or a smart phone, so she is stuck relying on her radio and it is non-stop static.

She decides to go outside and see what it feels like now. She reaches for the doorknob.

She gasps as a shock runs up her arm. She tries again. Still giving off a shock. “What is going on here?”

She decides to grab the knob and just pull it open. She must get outside. Giving a quick pull the door finally opens and her arm tingles again.

She just stares in horror at this huge tower that has appeared in her backyard overnight. It must be the reason for the electrical interruption in her radio and the electric shocks in her doorknob.

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Welcome to 2019 and Sunday Photo Fiction! Each week I will post a new photograph, taken either by myself or donated by a member of the community. The challenge is to write a story using 200 words or less based, on the prompt. When you are done, post your story and the photo prompt on your blog. Make sure you give proper credit when using the photo.  Use the “Click Here to Enter”  icon below to add your story to the SPF collection. While you are there, take time to read and comment on some of the other stories. I know you will not be disappointed.