Why Not? This explains to my new readers why I think I need to advocate for mental health! 2015

The stigma of mental health is one that needs to eliminated. I hereby pledge to do what I can about the stigma of mental health issues and to share my own experiences with these disorders.

I am very open about my life, my medical (physical and mental) problems and life in general. My medical problems are things I don’t have a lot of control over. Even the mental is open to conversation. I feel if talking about it helps just one person, I have done something worthy. Even though there is a stigma attached to most of my medical conditions I want to make a mark in this world so they become just medical conditions like cancer. I don’t feel like an outcast even when I shared with coworkers or my actions while manic caused a small ruckus at work. The way I figure it is that this is the way I am and I have to do with it what I can.

I have recently returned to God. I felt for a long time that there couldn’t be a God because why would God allow this to happen. Why would he make my life so miserable. They say God only gives you what you can handle. Maybe God made me this way to help others in my situation. Maybe this is my purpose. I haven’t felt too worthy of anything for most of my life. I didn’t feel I deserved much out of life because I wasn’t contributing much, but by reaching out to others I do feel worthy. I am working on accepting my purpose as I now see it.

So in answer to why am I talking about these things, my answer is – WHY NOT!

4 thoughts on “Why Not? This explains to my new readers why I think I need to advocate for mental health! 2015

  1. jannatwrites

    I think what you’re doing here – writing openly about your struggles – is a good thing. It’s a vulnerable place to be, but I have a feeling something you write here will resonate with others and offer some comfort when they feel alone or misunderstood. I can’t explain why God allows suffering into our lives, but I do believe that although the reasons are far from my comprehension, it is all part of his bigger plan. I’m glad to see you writing again 🙂


  2. Tessa Post author

    Thank you for stopping by Janna! I have helped some people earlier in my life when I wasn’t feeling so lost myself. Sometimes all I need to do is listen because sometimes that is all someone needs. They may not want advice just a sympathetic ear. 🙂



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