Another member of our family – Dash – 2015


This is our dog Dash!

Dash came from a local rescue center. He is my dad’s dog more than mine. I have the cat. Update – dad in long term care and Dash is with one of dad’s friends who brings him to visit occasionally and I ended up giving the cat to my son, she preferred him.


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6 thoughts on “Another member of our family – Dash – 2015

  1. Raymond

    Welcome and welcome him to my blog (as like the dog can read lol).
    Congrats to you Tessa you got a new companion. It’s also a way to relieve your stress.


  2. auntiememe71

    He is so cute!! We had a rescue dog, the best in the world, but we had to give him up when we moved cause our new landlord did alow pets. I so miss him. We are talking about trying to buy our own home if it works out I will have another dog. I want a pug. Congratulations Tessa!!


  3. Tessa Post author

    Sorry you had to give up your dog. It is hard! My daughter has a Chug, part Chihuahua and part Pug. Actually 2 of them and one has a pug face and one doesn’t.



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