Daily Archives: May 16, 2019

Hospital stay.

Still here.

Pulmonary doctor says my coughing, wheezing and trouble breathing is my asthma getting worse. Plus the extra, extra weight gain due to my insulin use. He is going to order a nebulizer. Hopefully the insurance will agree.

Also have to have the ultrasound of the clot in my groin redone to see if I need blood thinner.

Auditory Hallucinations

I have mentioned hallucinations before I think. The visual ones are scary at times, funny even, but the auditory ones are more difficult to deal with.

Imagine a dark room and then someone clearly calls your name. I am partially deaf and to hear it that clear they would need to be standing near me. There is no one there. Sometimes it is the same voice and the other times have varied. The other one is that I hear music in a completely quiet house. How are you supposed to sleep when a marching band is running through the quiet. Or Christmas songs are playing and I hate Christmas. VERY DISTURBING!


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