Hospital stay.

Still here.

Pulmonary doctor says my coughing, wheezing and trouble breathing is my asthma getting worse. Plus the extra, extra weight gain due to my insulin use. He is going to order a nebulizer. Hopefully the insurance will agree.

Also have to have the ultrasound of the clot in my groin redone to see if I need blood thinner.

12 thoughts on “Hospital stay.

    1. Tessa Post author

      Thank you Rubie. I was there for 4 days. After many tests and false alarms they settled on a major allergy/asthma attack. I came home with a nebulizer.

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      1. rubiescorner

        I’m glad you are home. I hope what you brought home will do what it needs to make you feel better. At times Spring brings on conditions like this. I try to be careful, and I am sure you do also. You are farther North. I am glad you caught this and you are on the road to feeling much better.

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