Military may cause some problems with my book.

I was wondering a bit just how serious that phrase “If the Marine Corps had wanted you to have a wife they would have issued one” was. I googled it. Several things came up. I don’t know if it in fact legally belongs to the Marine Corp. I don’t need a problem.

The gist of it is I don’t think using it would be very smart which means changing my title and part of my first and second chapters because as I read on it seems I had violated several rules back then with the dress code. I knew he was under several of course, but I found several sites dedicated to the wives and the dress code especially. Announcing in print that I had violated those rules is not a good idea. Chapter 2 and my wearing my skimpy clothing to entertain the troops wasn’t technically breaking the rules as I didn’t leave the car completely or at least I don’t believe I did, but most likely not a great idea.

So I need a new title, change part of chapter one and revamp and/or put a statement on there as to the dress code for military wives I didn’t know about. Part of this blows my book apart and have to find a new way to go. Back to the drawing board.


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2 thoughts on “Military may cause some problems with my book.

    1. Tessa Post author

      It was used at least 40 years ago when my ex-husband was in the Marines. Probably earlier as well. I found a lot of references to it online on military web sites so I don’t think using it is a good idea. It messes with the title and Chapter 1 and then the other rules I found for military wives and what they wore on base messes with chapter two. I have to rethink that as well. I am glad that I thought of it before I got any further.

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