Haunted Wordsmith Daily Prompt (Non-Fiction) – May 25, 2019

Haunted Wordsmith Daily Prompt (Non-Fiction) – May 25, 2019

Share a time you went to a movie theater.



Summer Memories — Drive-In Movie Theater

By Teresa Smeigh 2019

When our children were young there were still drive-in theaters around. For slightly more than the cost of one movie, you could see three movies. On top of that, we would dress them in their pajamas and put them in the back seat with blankets and toys. They simply went to sleep when they were tired. We could watch all three movies and not pay for a babysitter.



Advocate for mental health and invisible illnesses, also a devout Christian

Author – http://www.finallyawriter.com (this blog contains my old work mostly although occasionally I do add something new here), new work is mainly on this blog http://www.tessacandoit.com



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