Friday #fotoflash May 31, 2019

BD McNicol’s #fotoflash


***************continued from last week****************

Stephanie and Cassie went to the police and reported her bag missing. The police made a report and the girls tried to show the police the area the party had been in. They weren’t sure it was the right alley that Stephanie woke up in and Cassie couldn’t remember where her friend’s party had been. The police were disgusted and said there wasn’t much they could do with such little information.

The next morning Cassie went looking for Stephanie. She wasn’t at home. She glanced at the news at the tv shop on her way past and recognized the legs and shoes of a girl on the river walkway. She was sure it was Stephanie.

Cassie headed to the river walkway and found it surrounded by police. She tried to get closer to see. She finally pushed her way in and cried out. She started to cry as she realized it was the body of Stephanie. Sprawled around her were her handbag and its contents.

The person or persons who had stolen her handbag must have broken into her home and dragged her down here and killed her leaving her belongings so the police would know who was responsible. The police hoped that they were stupid enough to leave some fingerprints. The investigation was just starting. Cassie was sent home and out of their way.

She cried all the way home and all she could murmur was that this was her fault for taking her to that party in the first place. Stephanie never did anything to anyone. She didn’t deserve this.

***********262 words**********


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