New kitchen floor is in now

It is similar to this one, but the tiles are longer.

Today they put in my new kitchen floor. It is a nice one too.

Before I had white square tiles that were permanently dirty and yellow. Washing the floor didn’t help.

Now we have the long, textured tiles in a gray that will hide dirt and I doubt they can turn yellow. The floor looks like something they would use in the flipping and fixer-upper shows.

The guy installing it said they were surprised they weren’t using the cheap commercial tiles. This is public housing so the nice tiles surprised me as well. Now if they would just put in nice soft carpet with a layer of padding it would be great. I fell on this concrete floor with an indoor/outdoor carpet and I was amazed I didn’t break my knee caps.

PS I just found the baseboards are not sticking to the wall. That can be an issue.


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6 thoughts on “New kitchen floor is in now

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    1. Tessa Post author

      It looks like it might be in here now. I don’t do awards anymore though. I put an award-free badge on there. In the beginning I did a lot of them. 100’s, but eventually got tired of trying to find people to nominate and not have them get mad at me. Thanks for the thought though.

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