Amusement City – photo prompt Week of 8-11-2015


provided by Sonya with the blog, Only 100 Words

Amusement City

written by Teresa Dean Smeigh copyright August 2015

“Amusement park closes in 15 minutes. Rides closed to all except those in the lined waiting area already.”

Roger and Johnny run up to the huge haunted castle. A clown steps out and halts their advance. “The rides are closed you can’t enter now.”

“Oh, come on there is no one waiting in line. Let us go!”

The clown thinks a moment, changes his mind, and ushers them into the waiting car. The chains start and the car enters. Double wooden doors close behind it.

It is dark except where exhibits are lit up. The car stops and hesitates and then turns.

They reach a small set of double doors. The car enters, turns, then stops. Two clowns are there.

“Here is what we do to little boys who don’t listen.”

The boys were secured before being unstrapped. Horror dawning when they see the huge secured, hairy monster chomping on a small leg.

“No one can hear you in here. Enjoy dinnertime!”

The boys are shoved in and the doors closed.


Advocate for mental health and invisible illnesses, also a devout Christian

Author – (this blog contains my old work mostly although occasionally I do add something new here), new work is mainly on this blog

1 thought on “Amusement City – photo prompt Week of 8-11-2015

  1. Priceless Joy

    Oh my gosh! They were having little boys for dinner! I think just to scare them but not really to eat them. Great story! I will be sending out a new challenge post late tonight (early tomorrow in some areas). The inLinkz link for this past week closes tomorrow so it only leaves 1 1/2 days for people in the InLinkz grid to read your story. You will have a lot more readers if you submit your story as close to Tuesday as possible (the other side of Tuesday). Thank you so much for participating in FFfAW challenge!



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