Sunday Photo Fiction – June 16, 2019

Sunday Photo Fiction – June 16, 2019

Photo Credit Lakshmi Bhat


Cover Your Eyes

By Teresa Smeigh 2019

“Me first Tommy,” Kenny said.

“No, I think I should be first since I am the oldest,” Tommy said.

“You’re always first, Tommy,” Kenny said, tears coming to his eyes.

“Fine, you go first this time.”

Tommy gets a crate to boost him as he puts his foot on the first branch and tries to get a good grip on the pointed branch above.

This whole tree has these little pointed branches. They are close together and ideal for climbing for smaller kids other than they were dangerous to the eyes if you lose your grip and slip while climbing.

“No!” The words were uttered quickly in the hopes of stopping her son from trying to climb the tree and possibly hurt himself.

“Ah Ma,” Kenny gets ready to cry again.

“I said no, and I meant no! Climbing that tree is dangerous in many ways. Go ride your bikes.”

*************150 words**************

Rules from Susan Spaulding, the host of Sunday Photo Fiction:

Welcome to 2019 and Sunday Photo Fiction! Each week I will post a new photograph, taken either by myself or donated by a member of the community. The challenge is to write a story using 200 words or less based, on the prompt. When you are done, post your story and the photo prompt on your blog. Make sure you give proper credit when using the photo.  Use the “Click Here to Enter”  icon to add your story to the SPF collection. While you are there, take time to read and comment on some of the other stories. I know you will not be disappointed.


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