Are you a Writer? Poet? Can you help me with this?

I have been writing like crazy on my memoir. Still only posted the first three chapters so far though.

I have a problem that has brought me to a screeching halt, a problem that maybe some of you can relate to and give me some ideas on how to get through it. I have come to a halt as two of my chapters have become hopelessly entwined together.

Do I print out the offending chapters and try to renumber the scenes and then try to fix it on my Microsoft Word? Do I delete the whole thing and with the print out try to rewrite those two chapters? Should I try to outline from this point forward although the thought of that is not appealing at all?  Is there another option that I am missing here. I guess this is one of the things an outline would have resolved. I don’t outline, but work by the seat of my pants or I am a pantser as they call it.

I hope someone has some resolutions to this that might help me.


Advocate for mental health and invisible illnesses, also a devout Christian

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4 thoughts on “Are you a Writer? Poet? Can you help me with this?

  1. DB McNicol

    If it were me, I’d copy/paste the two chapters into a new Word document. If they are totally entwined &/or missequenced, try once or twice to rework them (the original chapters are still in your main document). Still not happy? Try a complete rewrite. This works for me in fiction writing and I’m a pantster.

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    1. Tessa Post author

      Thank you, also good advice. I really screwed it up and I don’t know what happened. Part of it is my memory is a little unclear as it happened. I might have to try a timeline to see if that helps. I am a pantser myself.

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