Another writing question. Looking for opinions.

I am writing a memoir. For those that aren’t sure what that is, it is a section of your life story, but not the whole story. Now I am starting from when I was a military wife and then planned on continuing to the divorce. So that would be my whole marriage. But the title is “Government Property – A Memoir of a Military Wife.” So now I am wondering if I should cut it down to just include the military years.  What do you think?


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5 thoughts on “Another writing question. Looking for opinions.

    1. Tessa Post author

      Thanks for the article. In Chapter one there is reference to how he had plannned on being on a submarine like his brother and how they wouldn’t take him because we were getting married and wouldn’t put it off and so he ended up in another branch of the military because they didn’t care that we were by that point already married. I then describe his first arrival at training and with me in tow. My title limits it to the military years, but I was planning on doing our entire marriage to the breakup and ending. Not sure what to do about that. Just the military years will create a much shorter book. And then I would have to do a civilian book if I wanted to continue the marriage after the military. Maybe a title change is necessary. Just not sure.

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