Friday #fotoflash June 21, 2019

DB McNicol’s #fotoflash



“Why are we dressed like this and why are we out here so late,” Mark whined.

“Oh Mark, dad said he had a surprise for us, which required us to be dressed up, which is the only thing mom told me when I talked to her on the phone,” Raymond said.

“It’s getting so dark, and the mosquitos are starting to bite. I want to go home and wait for dad there.”

“Well, you can’t. You have to stay here with me.”

“I hate the dark Raymond. I don’t want to be here. Why would dad have us standing out here in the dark? It makes no sense.”

The sky darkened, and the stars came out, followed by the moon. The two boys still stood there, Mark complaining out loud and Raymond beginning to wonder himself what was going on.

Both boys were tired of standing on the dock, watching for their dad’s boat, so they sat down. Their bites really began to itch.

They heard a boat coming and hoped it was their dad and whatever surprise he had for them. As the boat got closer, they recognized the engine sounds. It was dad finally.

They both jumped up and strained to see as the boat came closer to the dock. The boys didn’t see their father on the deck, which was strange as he needed to toss them the rope so they could pull the boat into the dock.

The boat slowed, and someone appeared on the deck, but it wasn’t their father. It was so dark now that they couldn’t see very well. They had no idea how their father was going to steer the boat in.

The boat pulled up next to the dock, and just then, the boys realized that it was their mother on the deck.

“Mom! What are you doing here and where is Josie?”

“Your grandmom showed up at the last minute before dad had to leave and offered to take care of Josie so we could have a weekend together. Dad wanted you dressed up and not in your fishing clothes, so when I got here, you were hopefully still cleaned up.”

“We are glad to see you, though when will you bring Josie out here,” Raymond asked.

“Josie is still just a baby and not ready to stay in an old fishing shack,” Mom said.

“You brought us out here as real young kids,” Raymond murmured.

“Raymond you two are boys and little girls don’t belong out here.

“Well, we miss you when you aren’t around, and we are stuck out here. Dad can’t cook.”

“Well give her a few years, and when she’s up and running and steady on her feet, we’ll bring her out here and teach her how to fish just like you boys. Come on and hug me.”

***********472 words**********

DB’s Rules:

Welcome to my Friday Foto Flash Fiction challenge! Each Friday I will post a new picture to be used as inspiration for your flash fiction written in 500 words or less. Be sure to include the photo, the source credit, and a link to this post with your storyEntries will close on Thursday at midnight Eastern Time.

Once your post is live, add your link to the list below. I hope you will visit the other entries (and check back often for new stories). Remember to leave them a comment in appreciation. Thank you and enjoy! Here’s your photo prompt.


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2 thoughts on “Friday #fotoflash June 21, 2019

    1. Tessa Post author

      Thanks, went for cute this week. I have been watching youtube videos on writing and NANOWRIMO. July summer camp is coming up and I want to enter it this year.



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