Sunday Photo Fiction – June 23, 2019

Sunday Photo Fiction – June 23, 2019

Photo Credit Courtesy of Padre of Padre’s Ramblings


First off, thank you to Donna B McNicol for taking over Sunday Writing Challenge. I have been writing for her on her #Friday Fotoflash for several weeks or months now. Lost track of time. Donna, will you be continuing your #Friday Fotoflash as well?


Wine Tasting

By Teresa Smeigh 2019

“Oh, Jonathan did you have to knock over the display of wine bottles for tonight?” Katy began picking them up and examining them to see if any of them were broken. “Have you been drinking already tonight?”

“Darling you know I can’t wait when I see a bottle of wine. I had to at least try one which was too dry by the way. I’ll go to the wine cellar and get another bottle for the display. I think everyone should try that one at least and see if they agree with me. I doubt any are broken since you set them up on the carpeted area of the living room.

“Jonathan please don’t touch another bottle before everyone gets here. Now I must set this back up and you are to stay away from it, so you don’t knock it over even if it is only one bottle you tried. I want to open them fresh when the group of wine tasters is here.”

“Okay, Katy I am sorry. Want me to help you set that up?”

“No Jonathan, just go get a new bottle to replace the one you opened.”

Just then the doorbell sounded.

*************197 words**************

Rules from Susan Spaulding, the host of Sunday Photo Fiction:

HERE IS THE REAL EXCITING NEWS!  Donna B McNichol has agreed to take over Sunday Photo Fiction.  The tradition lives on! Our plan is for her to begin next Sunday (with me as back-up, just in case). Donna is a writer and has experience with photo challenges, so I know this transition will be very smooth.  Please welcome her as warmly as you did me.  Some of you may already know her, but for those who don’t you can visit her at site at

Dear Sunday Photo Fiction Peeps

I want to share some exciting news.  Several months ago I made a bold decision to start my own business. Initially, I thought this business would be something I would grow into as I moved closer to retirement; however, circumstances have made me re-think my timeline and I now am ready to jump into it full force. Sadly, when one door opens, another must close and so it is with sadness that I will no longer be able to continue Sunday Photo Fiction. My last post will be June 30, 2019.  As when I took over this endeavor from Al Forbes, I am also offering the site to anyone who is willing to take it over and maintain the tradition. If you are interested, please email me at (Someone has already stepped up)

I have very much enjoyed my short tenure as host and have found much happiness in creating stories from photographs. I hope you too have found some happiness here.

And now for today’s post:

Welcome to 2019 and Sunday Photo Fiction! Each week I will post a new photograph, taken either by myself or donated by a member of the community. The challenge is to write a story using 200 words or less based, on the prompt. When you are done, post your story and the photo prompt on your blog. Make sure you give proper credit when using the photo.

For those who wish to use InLink to link their story to SPF, use the “Click Here to Enter”  icon below to add your story to the SPF collection. An alternative to InLink is to leave a pingback in the comments below.



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