Friday #fotoflash June 28, 2019

DB McNicol’s #fotoflash

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Living a Dream

By Teresa Smeigh 2019

Marjie had disappeared several weeks ago. Daniel had spent most of his spare time when he wasn’t working, looking for her. He notified the police that his wife, a housewife since she didn’t work, had disappeared. They hadn’t picked up a trail on her at all. She had just vanished one day.

Daniel was troubled, plus he had the children to watch as well. To work, he had to take them to her parents to watch as his weren’t alive anymore.

His friends were always trying to get him to go out and go bar-hopping on the weekends. He didn’t feel right asking her parents to watch the kids so he could go out with his friends. He needed to concentrate on finding Marjie and taking care of their children.

His friends pleaded with him to go with them to this place called Eat More Beer. Exhausted, he didn’t pick the kids up that night and went with his friends. They pulled into the lot and parked and got out of the car. Daniel stopped dead. “Wait,” he shouted.

“That sounds like Marjie’s voice,” he started to head towards the stage on the other side of the building from where they had parked.

It was Marjie, alright. She was all dressed up. He couldn’t imagine her dressing this way. She was singing her heart out. He knew she had played the guitar in college, but she never followed that path. She was ready to get married and have kids, she told him when he asked her to marry him.

He walked up to the stage and stood there watching. Tears came to his eyes. How could he not have known she had a dream? Why hadn’t she ever told him?

He jumped on the stage and began to sing with her. Startled she did a double take and then she jumped up and hugged him tightly.

“You came for me!”

“Oh Marjie, why hadn’t you told me your dream. I wouldn’t have stood in your way.”

Turning to his friends, he thanked them for making sure he came here and heard her singing. They knew about it and wanted to surprise him and her.

“Marjie you need to go on the road. The kids and I will follow you. You have quite a career ahead of you.”

***********387 words**********

DB’s Rules:

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4 thoughts on “Friday #fotoflash June 28, 2019

    1. Tessa Post author

      She wanted to live her dream, but was afraid her husband wouldn’t understand. All she had to do was talk to him and his friends wanted him to see her as she was, not all flustered from seeing him. She had a great husband.

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