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Thursday photo prompt: Mirror #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt: Mirror #writephoto


For visually challenged writers, the image shows green trees that ring a still pool. The sun shines brightly through the branches, casting a perfect reflection…and on the surface of the water, rainbows dance.

Double Vision (Rough Housing Part 6)

By Teresa Smeigh 2019

SMACK! Susan planted a long wet kiss on John.

John yelled a curse and turned around, shouting “What did you do that for?”

Susan was confused as she always gave John kisses whenever she felt like it. He had never complained before and certainly not this vehemently.

“I dddon’t understand John! I always kiss you, and you have never complained before. What is wrong with you?”

“For one thing, I am not John. My name is Oliver Mason Wright. And who the hell are you and better yet why the hell did you kiss me?”

“Not, John? I don’t understand. You look just like him! I am Susan and John is my boyfriend, usually. You never know with him. You have the same last name. Are you sure you aren’t John? Maybe you’re related.

“I have never heard of a John as part of my family,” Oliver said. “By the way, what are you doing on our land?”

“You’re land? John and I and everyone I know have always come here to hang out and swim and watch the mirror water.”

“My dad bought this land, and now we are living on it.”

Just then John came around the bend and took in the sight. He was stunned to see someone who looked just like him. “Who are you?” John asked, still staring at someone who looked just like him.

“I am Oliver Mason Wright, and you are?”

“John Jacob Wright. So we have the same last name. We ought to check with our parent’s about our possible family relationships.”

“I only have a dad and the stepmom we left behind in England,” Oliver says.

“I just have my mom,” John said. “My dad hasn’t been in the picture all of my life.”

“My mom should be home from work by the time we get there,” John said. “How about you, Oliver? Is your dad around yet?”

“No, he isn’t and won’t be until after 7 PM. He is a lawyer and works late.”

“Hmm, lawyer. My mom always said that my dad was a lawyer, but that was about all she said about him,” John said.

“Let’s go see mom and see if she knows anything about how why we look exactly alike,” John said.

They hopped on their bikes and made the journey out to John’s house, with Oliver trailing along behind, frowning the whole way.

John’s mom, Joanne, was unpacking the groceries from the back of the station wagon. She looked up and saw both John and Oliver and simply fainted.

*******423 words*******

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