Friday #fotoflash August 23, 2019

DB McNicol’s #fotoflash

Photo from Morguefile


Laundry List

By Teresa Smeigh 2019

The dirty old man noticed the laundry list and the fees. His clothes could use a proper washing, but he didn’t have the money for the charges.  He looked down at his guitar and wondered if anyone would appreciate his playing in the town green?

He set up his playing station and began to play. At first, no one noticed him and then suddenly murmuring started and people began to point. The man knew he was good, but no one was showing their appreciation with coins or even bills.

A man approached him and asked him if he would like a job playing at his pub. The musician was over-joyed and asked him when as he needed time to get the money to get his clothes clean.

The owner of the pub said he wanted him tonight and he would lend him enough to get the clothes he had on washed and would add $20.00 for his payment. From then on his salary would be $30.00 a show and he would play two shows a night, every night.

The old man was delighted. The pub owner took him to the laundry and set up the payment for tonight. After tonight it would be up to him. He needed a bath before putting on clean clothes, and they just happened to do bathing at the laundry. He paid the fee and was clean and fresh and ready when his clothes were.

His show was a success, and he was paid. He went to the campground and rented a small lot for his tent. From that night on he played his two shows for $60.00 a night. His appearance drew those wanting to learn and so for a small fee the man taught those who were interested and when he passed on from this life they played a song for him to help him on his way.

***********315 words**********

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