Friday #fotoflash September 13, 2019

DB McNicol’s #fotoflash

Photo courtesy of Morguefile


Surprise Birthday!

By Teresa Smeigh 2019

Dana was not used to the high heels. She wore flats since she was 6 feet tall and taller than most boys as it is, without adding high heel shoes. She had a handful of Birthday balloons filled with helium, which she assumed her boyfriend Toby sent her early this morning.

Today was her 21st Birthday, and she wanted to start it out with a bang. Suddenly she falls off the heels, and she falls with a bang on the road, and that wasn’t the type of bang she meant.

She let go of the balloons in shock. She grabbed her knees in pain. They were scraped and bloody. Tears started falling. She searched for a tissue but ended up wiping the tears and blood on her torn white dress, not caring about staining even though she was on her way to visit her boyfriend. The tear in the dress had already ruined it, so the stains didn’t matter much.

Sitting on the road crying she fell someone come up and put their arms around her. She jerked back and looked at who had grabbed her and was relieved to see Toby.

“What happened to you? And where did those balloons come from,” he asked her.

“I fell off these blasted heels and didn’t the balloons come from you?”

“Sorry you fell, hope you didn’t hurt yourself too badly, but no, the balloons aren’t from me. These are,” he said. And then she noticed the balloons in his hand.

“Oh they are so much prettier than these, but who gave them to me?”

“A mystery. Do you have a secret admirer?”

“Not that I know of. I like yours better.”

He gives her a quick kiss and then checks out her wound. It had stopped bleeding, and he gave it a quick kiss and held out his hand to help her up. Just then Rodney came racing up and shoved them both to the ground. The balloons flew away, and Rodney started kicking Toby over and over. Dana took off a heel and hit Rodney in the head knocking him out.

“Those darn heels were good for something,” they both said at the same time.

Rodney was coming to so they took Toby’s belt and belted his hands together and called the police.

“Happy Birthday, baby!” They could hear the sirens in the distance. Rodney was trying to get loose.

***********400 words**********

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