No exertion, but still can’t breathe.

Besides my struggle to breathe I also have feet that are balloons, they are super swollen and sore. Legs are also swollen, but not as bad as my feet.

I did my two nebulizer treatments today and don’t know if the doctor would approve of three, but too late at night to find out. They don’t have a call-in service. Most of my doctors have stopped having those services. I could do an albuterol treatment. I didn’t use them today as I didn’t expect this issue. I never know when this breathing issue will get suddenly get worse. Yes, I will do treatment with the albuterol. Albuterol is for emergency breathing issues. How could I forget?

Tessa – 

Advocate for mental health and invisible illnesses, also a devout Christian

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3 thoughts on “No exertion, but still can’t breathe.

    1. Tessa Post author

      Thank you! At least I was able to sleep last night. Sometimes it is so bad I am up all night. My feet were still swollen this morning when I put my shoes on, but have now gone down some.

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