Thursday photo prompt: Light #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt: Light #writephoto


For visually challenged writers, the image shows a woodland scene with a dusting of snow and the sun, rising as a rayed orb through the boughs of a tree.

This is the continuation of John and Susan. I have decided to make this a book. I am working on that on NANOWRIMO since there is a beginning that needs to be told. Part of these prompts won’t fit into the book but will use some of them eventually after a proper beginning. 

Recheck the DNA

By Teresa Smeigh 2019

Jack checked with the lab and made new appointments for DNA testing. He was getting anxious about the results, he had to admit to himself. Somehow he is feeling that things aren’t going to go their way. What if the twins aren’t theirs? He loved those boys and breaking up their family, and possibly another one, if indeed the twins had been switched, would be heart-breaking.

“I made new appointments at the lab for DNA testing. I explained the situation about all of us being tested at the same time to eliminate possible mistakes considering our unusual situation and what had already happened. They are fine with all of us being done at one time, and we can come over today. No need to wait any longer.”

“Let’s go this morning then and hope for quick results. The other doctor said it would take 24 to 72 hours to get the test results. Hopefully, it will be just the one day,” Joanne said.

“Ok, boys get dressed, and let’s get this DNA testing over with,” Joanne called out.

“Jack, you really seem nervous. What’s up? Are you afraid they aren’t our boys?”

“Joanne, I was studying the pictures of John last night, and it occurred to me that both you and I and our families are mainly blondes with blue eyes. The boys both have black hair and brown eyes. I am afraid of what the tests will show. I would hate to think that the hospital made a mistake.”

“That would undoubtedly be heartbreaking on all sides. I have loved these boys and you all of my adult life, and having to possibly legally have to give them up is indeed sad. What about the other parents? What if we have to drop a bombshell on them? Of course, that is if they can be found even. We are just guessing here, no hard facts.

“Boys get a move on. We want to get this over and behind us as soon as possible,” Jack shouted.

Piling into the SUV they all quieted down again and resumed their own gloomy thoughts. Until DNA testing is done, nothing can be proven either way. As of right now, they are still family.

Somberly everyone climbed out of the SUV and headed inside. Jack noticed a man bundled up in a parka follow them in from the parking lot. There was something familiar about him. They waited to be called in, and all four went into the back to get tested. All swabs were labeled and put into an envelope. Jack asked if they could hand-deliver it to the lab site that did the testing and was told no, but they understood the urgency and would get them there as soon as possible.

One of the phlebotomists was on her way to lunch and offered to drop them on their way. Usually, they have to wait for someone to pick them up, but due to the urgency, they agreed to let her take them. She bundled up and grabbed the package of swabs. She started toward the door, and Jack noticed the man was putting on his coat without being tested. This didn’t sit right with him, and he was already suspicious, so Jack followed him.

He got out to the parking lot as the girl screamed and fought with the man. He had her on the ground, grabbing for the swabs which were under her. Jack grabbed him and yanked him off of her and cold-cocked him, knocking him out. He held the shivering girl as she cried and trying to see if she was hurt.

“He tried to grab the package of swabs. Who was he,” the phlebotomist wanted to know, tears running down her face, freezing as they ran in rivulets? “He kept screaming give them to me, and I knew they were important, so I didn’t let go, but they are probably damaged after all of that snow they were lying in, although there was less snow on the parking lot than there was in the surrounding area and the light shining through the snow was melting the snow on the parking lot fairly quickly.”

“I thank you for going to the trouble and try to save them, but they aren’t worth your life. Let me tie him up and call the local police.”

Jack helped her up and then struggled to get the guy up off the ground and inside the building. They helped their employee get wrapped up in a blanket after checking for injuries, and the receptionist called the police.

Joanne was wondering what had happened. Jack moved quickly. He told her how he had noticed this guy around wherever they were and when he moved to follow the girl with the swabs and hadn’t even had a test done he was glad he had gone after them as the man was beating the girl and trying to get the samples and then told Jack told her he remembered having seen him as the EMT at that accident and how he had pushed the samples to the side and then stuffed them in his pocket. He is becoming more and more suspicious that something going on at home was at play here. Why ate they being stopped from having a DNA test done?

“Jack, would the King and Queen stoop to something so low? Could they have switched their twins with two other boys? Why would they do that? Stealing babies is probably a felony. I understand laws are different in the kingdom, but technically we had our babies in the general public hospital, and therefore, stealing those babies may have been a felony. I want to know why?”

“I am guessing that they wanted the boys to be able to take my spot when the King dies or abdicates. Well, the oldest son anyhow. They don’t split thrones up. However, since Oliver is not in excellent health they would train both boys to be in charge of the kingdom if necessary. I am guessing here that they kidnapped our sons and put them in the castle, most likely with Princess Isabella. Remember, she wasn’t too upset about the divorce. Maybe she knew the boys would be hers to raise, and it would be all up to her. In fact, now I remember that night and nobody was too concerned about anything. I think they had this planned. What bothers me is that my friends didn’t let me in on what was about to happen. I guess money can buy anything.”

The cops had arrived, and everyone was talking at once. “Quiet everyone,” the head cop yelled. “I want one person here to speak and that is the guy purporting to be a prince. First off, sir, do you have identification?”

“I have my royal papers from the Kingdon of Bhatangary of which I am the prince. Next, in line after my father, the King. Sixteen years ago I met Joanne and we wanted to live a normal life, and we had twins in a hospital on the mainland. Unbeknownst to us, my parents seemed to have switched our twins, the royal princes, with someone else’s twins. We raised these boys, thinking they were ours and the royal princes. I just found out the son I was raising didn’t have a missing Kidney like he was supposed to. I contacted Joanne who had the other son, and we had specialized testing done. The Kidney was there, and the doctor said it was possible it grew back if it hadn’t been permanently damaged. We have been trying to do DNA testing to see if the hospital hadn’t inadvertently given us the wrong twins, but there weren’t other twins and every time we had a test done someone (mainly the guy I have tied up over there would steal them and destroy them which brought back memories of the day our boys were discharged and the grandfatherly looking man and the very young girl with a double pram with twins happened to be there during a bomb scare. I have to go back to the Kingdom and confront my parents and the princess. They stole our boys, I think, and that would be ample cause for the King to have to step down and abdicate the throne. Kidnapping is a felony.

“Though Joanne, I will have to step in and manage the Kingdom for a while until things are set with the royal twins, and they are ready to take over as King. That is if they are since we haven’t seen their education all these years. At least they have each other for support.”

Before I leave I would like to get the results of the DNA test just to make sure. Can one of your patrolmen escort the sample over to the lab and have it tested, and then could you watch out for my family?”

“Yes, sir, we can.”

“Oh Jack, no, I want to be there for this. They are my children too! And I don’t want to leave the boys here alone. We should all go,” Joanne pleaded with Jack.

*******1528 words*******

Tessa – 

Advocate for mental health and invisible illnesses, also a devout Christian

Author – (this blog contains my old work mostly although occasionally I do add something new here), new work is mainly on this blog

Author of a book, a work in progress on the blog,

Highlighted chapters are done and ready to be read.

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    1. Tessa Post author

      Oh it hasn’t stopped yet. Since I am writing it as a book for NANOWRIMO I am ahead of where I am at in the prompts and in some cases I had to change things as they didn’t fit the prompt or the book, but I just veered off again. This thing has a life of its own.



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