Thursday photo prompt: Offering #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt: Offering #writephoto


This is the continuation of John and Susan. I have decided to make this a book. I am working on that on NANOWRIMO since there is a beginning that needs to be told. Part of these prompts won’t fit into the book but will use some of them eventually after a proper beginning. This manuscript now has a beginning, middle and end although it is not fleshed out yet. It is more like a slightly detailed outline.


This is the end of the story right now. I may post the beginning I started on since this ended up being the middle and the end, but it is (the whole story) unedited and at times written to fit a certain prompt. After NANOWRIMO I took out the parts that I had changed as I kept changing where the story was going. It is currently more like a novella than a novel for sure. I am not really writing a lot right now. I just am not feeling it. I have a half-written memoir piece that needs work as well. I only posted the first four chapters of that so far. Here’s the ending as it now stands for the “Royal Mixup”.

Drawing to a Close

By Teresa Smeigh 2019

Jack headed back to the castle after being reassured that the boys would be sent back by his father, John. He told Joanne what he knew while they waited to meet the boys that were supposedly theirs. Depending on the outcome of the tests, the Princess would most likely be arrested for kidnapping the boys and replacing them with others, and they had no idea where she got them. Their grandfather was only trying to save them from her and make sure they were taught how to run a Kingdom. The King and Queen, after confirmation, would most likely be set free and left to run the Kingdom as they saw fit and make sure the boys were ready to run the Kingdom when the time came.

If Oliver indeed wasn’t ready to be a King, but John was, then that would be decided at the time. It was merely a matter of time of their births and who was who. They were identical after all, just like their grandfather.

They would legally adopt the two boys they raised and add their two biological sons and call it a family. The naming could be confusing, but then again, if the royal twins stayed in the castle until the time was ready to do their duty and the other two went home to the USA with Jack and Joanne, it wouldn’t be that difficult after all. Things would go on as they had been for now.

Young voices raised through the castle. Their boys were home. The doctor was waiting, and the tests were taken. After a short wait, the news arrived. The boys were Jack and Joanne’s. They spent hours explaining everything that happened and that nothing had to change. Jack still wasn’t interested in being a prince or a King, and both the royal twins were happy at the castle, although like Richard told them Oliver was not interested in being a King any more than Jack was. Like father, like son, it seemed. They would take care of that when the time came.

Joanne got busy planning her dream wedding. The Queen finally accepted her as the mother of her grandchildren and helped her. It was the grandest wedding the Kingdom had ever seen, and the Kingdom wouldn’t forget it for a long time.

After offering their thanks to Jack’s father and Richard’s wife for taking such good care of their children, Jack, Joanne, and the boys they raised and adopted headed back to the USA. They combined their properties, and the kids from the area loved both the farm and the old house that Jack had bought. They didn’t change a thing.

*******445 words*******

Tessa – 

Advocate for mental health and invisible illnesses, also a devout Christian

Author – (this blog contains my old work mostly although occasionally I do add something new here), new work is mainly on this blog

Author of a book, a work in progress on the blog,

Highlighted chapters are done and ready to be read.

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