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Fibromyalgia Pain From Clothing and the Coronavirus

Fibromyalgia Pain From Clothing


I quit wearing a bra and I am large chested, but it is just too uncomfortable and I rarely go out in public and if I do, tough bananas!

I only dress for the outside on the few occasions I leave my house and that is even less now that the coronavirus is all around me. People in my building are sick. We’re only allowed in the lobby if we are leaving, getting our mail or going to the laundry room. They closed our community room and stopped all our activities. No standing or stopping in the community areas. I am surprised they still let us get on the elevators together. Someone in management was overheard saying that will all that is going on here that they should shut the building down. Well, the law says you aren’t allowed to evict anyone from their living spaces in the time of this virus. At least around here. They can’t cut off your utilities either for non-payment and so many people are out of work right now. We have an 8 PM curfew. If you are on the roads after that you had better have a really good reason. The number of cases in my state is rising rapidly. I don’t know for sure how many people in my building are sick, but I am aware of 2. It is like a ghost town around here. Supplies are hard to get. I managed to stock up on food and water at least. As long as they don’t shut down the electric. They can’t cut us off for non-payment but if the grid goes down there’s nothing we can do and then I have a problem. I do have a good bit of water though.

Oh, and the doctors offices are either shutting down, using the phone and video chats, making you call inside to be told when you can enter the building so you are waiting in your car not the waiting room and in one I had my temperature taken before I was allowed to enter and all non-essential appointments are canceled.  There is no furniture in the waiting room so they don’t have to keep wiping it down. Weird experiences for sure.

My pain doctor is giving me less and less pain medication and I can barely stand it. And she isn’t seeing patients so I couldn’t even plead my case. I am furious with her.

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