New Numbers of Virus in NJ

A couple of days ago the numbers had risen to over 62.000 people in NJ with the coronavirus. Part of the problem is the people who aren’t’ taking it seriously. They are out in public in groups. They aren’t wearing masks. When is it going to stop climbing? How many have to die before we take it seriously? I have a father in a nursing home. They had a sick employee. Thank God they caught it before it infected the residents. I can’t even see my father due to this virus or my children either for that matter. I have seen each child once from over 6 ft away and I was masked. I saw my newest grandchild who is now 4 months old from a few feet away briefly. I was again masked. I haven’t seen my other grandchildren at all. Because I live alone we all are practicing social distancing from each other.

I am quarantined in my apartment all alone. I don’t go out unless I have to get food or medicine or in one case I had to go to the doctor since I was showing symptoms of the virus myself. Thank God it was just another case of Bronchitis and it looks like we caught it early enough that I won’t have to go to the hospital this time.

Wednesday I have to go get my refill for my pain medicine since I have to give a urine sample. I am on very little pain medicine now. She has got me off since the incident. I might as well use aspirin for all the good this Tramadol is doing. I get 2 per day of the lowest dose. Big deal.

And then Thursday I have to go to the podiatrist to get my toenails cut and my feet checked since I am diabetic. I can’t phone my urine or my toenails in so out in public I will have to go. My Endocrinologist and my Psychiatrist are doing tele-appointments. Some I simply canceled.

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2 thoughts on “New Numbers of Virus in NJ

  1. morgueticiaatoms

    My shrink’s office has closed down for in person sessions so he called me today and we did the appointment that way. Fine by me, but I still had to go all the way into town for my scripts from the pharmacy, so yeah, going out is still necessary for certain things.

    I ordered masks for me and Spook. Hers is a kitty cat and mine has vampire fangs. They are uncomfortable and we feel ridiculous but we are trying to do right.

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    1. Tessa Post author

      I made my own masks, ones for my neighbor and one for the Super of the building. I am not a great arts and crafts type of person, but my face is covered and so no one can complain about me.

      I switched pharmacies at my insurance company’s request. There are less people there for one thing, but the delivery option isn’t available for most of my scripts so I still have to go there, but it is better than having to go to the busiest grocery store just to get my meds. I don’t know what our new numbers are, but they are rising rapidly. My daughter said it wasn’t that bad since we have around 6-8 million in the state. I think any number is bad, but we are over 62,000 people and that’s a lot in my book.

      My shrink appt is on the 28th and will be by phone. I canceled any non-necessary appts and I do still have to go for my pain management refill and the podiatrist both of which can’t be done except in person.

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