Resurgence of Virus Cases and Some Sick For a Second Time

I just heard this on the news. What I am hearing here is that having had the virus once does not protect you from getting it again. How do you battle a threat like this? Will we ever get back to the before virus normal? I predicted when this started that it was going to be a tremendous loss of life and a serious fight to conquer it and since most people still don’t see a need to wear a mask or covering or staying home there is not much chance that we will ever stop it and if it can reinfect those that had it where does that leave us. Obviously, some people, if not all, are not building up antibodies from being sick.

People need to take this seriously and start practicing social distancing if they must go out and staying home if they don’t need to go out. If you go out where a covering of some type on your face. We are losing health care workers. Who is going to take care of the sick when they are all sick.

Tessa – 

Advocate for mental health and invisible illnesses, also a devout Christian

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