The Weekly Smile for 4/20/2020 #weeklysmile – new grandson 4 months old

The Weekly Smile for 4/20/2020 #weeklysmile – new grandson 4 months old


My new grandson who arrived on December 6 is now 4 months old. Due to the virus and social distancing (yes even from family), I haven’t seen him in about 2 months. So my daughter brought me dinner for Easter and she briefly let me glance at the baby from a few feet away. I was masked as I always am when I leave my apartment.

So that is my smile in a time when finding a smile is difficult.

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6 thoughts on “The Weekly Smile for 4/20/2020 #weeklysmile – new grandson 4 months old

  1. trentpmcd

    Unfortunately a too common thing these days. I have a new grand-nephew of about the same age. My parents (the boy’s great-grand parents) are only able to see him from a distance after a couple of weeks in February caring for him during the day when his parents worked. Yep, it is hard, but at least you got a distant view of him 🙂

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    1. Tessa Post author

      Yes I did get a distant glimpse of him. I see the pictures on FaceBook, but it’s not the same. My daughter is supposed to try and do a video chat so I can see him, but she says he is always sleeping when she has the time to do the chat. I have seen each of my kids from a distance at least once, but 4 of my grandchildren I have not seen. It is terrible when you have to worry about your family making you sick. These are such unprecedented times.

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    1. dawnkinster

      Oh, I forgot, I was going to tell you that your header would be a really pretty water color card…and maybe I’d use it as inspiration and make one if that is OK with you. Then I got distracted by the baby story! LOL…happens to be all the time these days!

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      1. Tessa Post author

        Sure I don’t mind if you use my header as inspiration. I really miss the little guy. I watched him being born and had a few weeks with him and then this virus struck and that was the end of that.


    2. Tessa Post author

      Yes I miss him and all the new baby things. He just rolled over to his front today or yesterday. He will be crawling before we know it and all my kids were early walkers so he might start walking early as well. He is one smart little boy.



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