Trying to get back into the swing of things.

I am having trouble getting back to regular blogging. The pain has become a major issue and I can barely stand it. Days of crying, don’t help, but what am I to do.

I just got a new pain management doctor since I changed to Medicare and have Medicaid. Dual coverage they call it and so most things should be covered. No more monthly premiums and all those copays.

My Medicaid also provides a home health aide to help with showering and dressing and the housework, shopping, and laundry. I also now have dental including dentures if/when I need them, hearing including hearing aids, and I am already certified by my last doctor as needing them 10 years ago, and eye checkups with glasses. I think it is one pair per year for diabetics.

They pay for my medical alert button and provide 1 meal a day.

There are a lot of other things, but I am not sure of everything that is part of the program. They do pay the 20% of what Medicare doesn’t cover. And due to my low income I am eligible with a lot of state help and/or medicare help for my prescriptions thank God. I couldn’t afford any on my little government disability check and the government is trying to get out of paying us as it is. Don’t know what will happen if they succeed. I can’t work.

My mental health is not quite as stable as it was. My anxiety is out of control during this pandemic and the uncertainty with the Medicaid.

Plus I spent April writing my book for NANOWRIMO and still working on other writing this month and when you get out of the habit it is hard to get back into it.

My dad’s nursing home (Long Term Care) has tested everyone for the virus and he doesn’t have it. However, their numbers are now, at last check, over 74 positive residents (all asymptomatic) and 9 positive employees with the first 3 employees now returning to work after recovering. And sadly 2 of the residents have died from the virus. We held for so long and it turned out they didn’t know they had sick residents since they weren’t showing any symptoms. They had decided to test all the residents and then the governor made it mandatory to test all nursing home residents. Half our numbers for the state are nursing home residents and assisted living residents. They don’t go out so they got it from the sick employees. However it seems that a lot of people are asymptomatic and not showing any signs of being sick, but they can pass it to someone else. This is a nasty virus and no wonder it is spreading so rapidly.

Our state is one of the worse and they are slowly starting to open things up a little bit. From what I have heard on the news there have been increases in the states that opened up earlier. That is what I expected would happen. We aren’t out of danger yet. Despite social distancing and wearing masks the numbers are still rising rapidly. I haven’t heard the last numbers we had. We have a lot of people still who insist that we don’t need masks or need to stay away from each other. I heard they had a party here last night and I think the largest number of people in groups is 10. I didn’t go, so I don’t know what happened. I am a huge risk factor so I am trying to protect myself.

I got notification from the pharmacy that I had a prescription for Narcan (to help prevent overdosing). I thought it was a mistake and contacted my prescriber which was my psychiatric nurse who writes my anxiety and psych meds. She told me that the governor has declared that anyone taking pain meds and anxiety meds must have Narcan available. Now I have to contact my pain management and report a new medication since that is the rule there, but as my psych nurse says he will have to write those same medications so I might get another one sent in from their office. She doesn’t prescribe me pain meds but knows I take them so she sent it in for me. I think that should have been done by pain management. I don’t have it yet as I am not making a separate trip when I know that I have other medications coming up for renewal.

Tessa – 

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