To My Readers – Please read as I have a question

I have been trying to figure out how to word this so it makes sense and not confuse the hell out of everyone.

It has to do with the reader. I know all of my blogs, all 3, come through on one spot in the reader. They are not separated by the blog they were coming from. If I answer a comment or follow a blog that has followed using one of my blogs, does it go back to the blog used or does it just use what is the number one blog to reply or follow?

I tried to make my blog the number one blog and delete the, but it wouldn’t allow me to do it because is the blog I started with and therefore cannot be deleted without deleting every other blog I have.

I was wondering if I have to try and figure out how to make my new blog,, number one so the answers and follows come from there. If the reader knows what blog to use to answer or follow from then I don’t have to worry about that. Does that make sense? I know I just confused myself. LOL!

I do know that updating three blogs with all my writing is getting old fast. Some of you simply follow me from whatever prompt I enter and don’t follow my blog itself. And I just noticed that someone I have been following forever had the follow me as not followed and I was sure I followed her. I know once in my reader if I hit follow it doesn’t let me know what blog it is that is following them.

Maybe this question is unanswerable.

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