Thankful Thursdays – Please Join Me – 6/11/2020 – #1

I am going to restart a post I used to participate in on another blog. It is no longer available so here is my version of it. This is number one and if anyone wants to join me and post what they are thankful for, please either create a post on your blog and put the link in the comments or just post in the comments.  You can use my logo in your post. If I get some interest in this post I will see about getting a new logo for it. Or if someone is able to create a similar logotype picture to use in the post that will be good also? I know several people created pictures for use on Linda G Hills “Stream of Consciousness” Saturdays. I am open to all suggestions. This is the extent of my talents in design, unfortunately. Now to the post at hand.

I am thankful for:

–A roof over my head (Praise God that I found out about public housing and managed to get my name on the list. County-wide program in my state, but would think most states/countries probably have similar programs. It is a long waiting list unless you are a senior or disabled and that was around 2 years. I am in a senior hi-rise and unfortunately, people do die all the time so there is a lot of turnaround).

–Food in my belly.

–Family, Friends, and Neighbors who care what happens to me.

–None of my family is sick with the coronavirus including my 88-year-old dad in a nursing home full of sick patients with the virus. He’s been tested 3 times now.

–I actually received my stimulus check unlike millions of others who didn’t, including my son.

–Social Security and Medicare is still intact.

–I have applied for charity care for my hospital bill from the end of January that was 10 days long. According to the woman I talked to, I should qualify, otherwise, it will take them a long time of payments for that to get paid.

–Medicaid which pays for an aide to help me bathe and dress, clean my apartment, do my laundry, and cooks breakfast and lunch. She also makes and changes my bed and does the laundry. Plus she takes my trash and recyclables down.

–Medicaid pays for my LifeStation Medical Alert Button monthly. It provides my incontinence supplies and provides me with one free meal every day.

–And my new rollator (walker with wheels and seat)

–I found a new pain doctor, referred by someone he was able to make walk again. There’s hope for me.

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