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100 Word Challenge (Reboot): Nest

100 Word Challenge (Reboot): Nest

Wandering threw the forest, Sheba was quietly scanning the area around her, ever on the lookout for her quarry. She pushed through the brush.

Suddenly she heard a raucous commotion up ahead. She walked on trying not to scare anything away.

There was a shot and men shouting. “We got the danged blue bird that’s been attacking our animals. Those birds are vicious,” they crowed walking away.

Sheba heard chirping. A few feet away she spotted a nest with baby birds in it. Not quite what she was looking for, but she crouched ready to attack, tail twitching. “Sheba, NO!”

*****100 words*****

Tara’s Rules

1) I provide a one-word prompt.
2) Write anything you want using that prompt, either as inspiration or as part of your 100 Words.(That means you don’t have to actually use the prompt word, it can be implied.)
3) Your story has to be EXACTLY 100 words (because someone will ask, hyphenated words count as a single word.) This is the one rule I will be a stickler about.
4) Submit your story here as a comment, as a Facebook status, or as a blog post. (Add the specific FB status or post’s URL to the Mr. Linky list just under the prompt.)
5) If you write a blog post, please link back to this post. It makes it easier for me and the other Wordsters to find you.
6) You have one week to write your story and link up (The link stays open, so you can really submit stories whenever… this is the one rule I don’t really enforce.)



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